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Incense burner

Censer is a necessary utensil for xiangdao, and the incense burner is an indispensable part of Chinese folk custom, religion and sacrificial activities. Generations using a cigarette containing, hand warmer, sweet bucket, lie in boshan ship furnace burning incense, incense cone shape, as well as the smoke ball, incense, incense dish, incense boxes, terminal, sweet, sweet spoon, fragrance and sweet bursa and other auxiliary equipment.
The main materials used in censer are copper, ceramics, gold and silver, bamboo wood, enamel and jade. There are also many USES, or smoking clothes, or furnishings, or to worship the Buddha. The shape is usually square or round, with a square censer with four legs; The round censer has three legs, one foot in front and two feet behind.

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