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SBM Construction Waste Crusher Strives to Go Abroad

Recently, several construction waste crushers made by SBM Mining Machinery are successfully sent to Sri Lanka. This is not the first time for the export of SBM construction waste crusher, but this large-scale export of mobile construction waste crusher fully proved mining machinery manufacturing technology of SBM Mining Machinery has been recognized by international customers. This is a show of the strength of SBM Mining Machinery and it makes the domestic technical development of machinery industry once again proven. After a long investigation and practice, Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery has developed and launched the efficient and environmentally friendly construction waste disposal equipment - mobile crushing station. This building waste disposal equipment is in full compliance with the indicators of national government resources recycling. The mobile crushing station is set by the feeding system, crushing system, the transmitting and other process equipment. The process optimization design makes the construction waste crusher have excellent construction waste crushing and the aggregate production crushing operations performance through the combination of different models of the machine to form a powerful crushing and screening operation pipeline to complete the processing operations. The entire production line includes a jaw crusher, construction waste crusher, cone crusher, feeder, vibrating screen and conveyor with fully enclosed design. The production line is equipped with the deducting equipment, the Fe removing device and the automatic computer control. The full set of construction waste disposal equipment has advanced design, excellent performance, high efficiency, and easy maintenance, economical operating cost and stable and reliable operation. Compared with the various types of fixed crushing plants, the construction waste crusher can move like a small and medium-sized broken processing plant whose efficiency and operating costs are better than the fixed crushing plant at the same level or higher level. The construction waste crusher produced by Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery, such as jaw broken, impact crushing construction waste crusher, cone crusher mobile crushing station and PP Series construction waste crusher all use the most advanced and efficient crushing and screening system currently. The main technical parameters are at or near the level of mobile crushing station in developed countries. The crushing and screening products produced by Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery, such as jaw crusher, construction waste crusher, vertical construction waste crusher, cone crusher and a variety of vibrating screens are well known for the excellent performance and high reliability. The construction waste crusher main use these devices. These products have been optimized with higher strength, better performance and more compact structure, which ensures the reliability of the use. In addition, the modular design is easy for removal and maintenance.


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