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SBM Crusher Accessories Rapidly Preempt the Saudi market

Recently, I have learned something from SBM, with the arrival of peak season, the demands for construction waste crusher, such as the jaw crusher, construction waste crusher, etc., is increasing that domestic and international market demands exceeds supply. More pleased that the leader of a famous foreign trade company from Saudi Arabia came to Shanghai SBM to have a visit and inspection, they are ready to introduce the construction waste crusher parts by Shanghai SBM. Shanghai SBM is the leading high-abrasive material manufacturer in China; its product involves a number of industries, mainly processing and manufacturing of the crushing and grinding machine accessories, construction waste crusher accessories, ball mill accessories, jaw crusher accessories, impact crusher accessories, hammer crusher accessories and so on; moreover, it also include mining machine accessories and fluid equipment, etc. According to the man in charge of manufacturing accessories, SBM accessories manufacturing plant mainly undertake custom processing business except for the relative accessories of SBM construction waste crusher. The peak season of crusher accessories is arrived in November, the manufacturing drawing constantly fax from domestic and oversea except for the manufacturing for the large-scale cement customers with long-term cooperation. Manufacturing shop is prepared for purchasing new type equipment in order to increase the production capacity due to the great demands for the crusher accessories such as hammer, scale board and rolling mortar, etc. Customers from Saudi Arabia are quite satisfied with the crusher accessories from SBM after visiting Shanghai SBM accessories manufacturing plant. They also came to the Tierney Cement plant to visit the operating condition of the stone production line. The official said that, the reason why customers are ready to introduces SBM crusher accessories is that SBM crusher accessories has achieved a good reputation in Saudi Arabia. Seeing the good condition of the crusher used in Tierney Cement production, customers are prepared for introducing the SBM construction waste crusher and expanding Saudi Arabia market. Shanghai SBM crusher accessories have been exported to more than 50 countries, such as North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Expanding the market in Saudi Arabia has laid a solid foundation for SBM's keeping a foothold in the East. Crusher accessories have been well known to all, the host equipment is not far away from the world market.


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