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SBM Briefly Discusses the Disassembly and Assembly Steps of PFY Strong Counterattack Sand Maker

PFY strong counterattack type sand making machine, also known as PFY powerful impact crusher, is one of the most widely used high efficiency crushers in the mining industry. It has a unique structure, simple operation method, high efficiency and energy saving, the product shape is a cube, the size of the discharge size can be Tuning, can selectively crush, simplify the crushing process, reduce investment and other advantages. Here we focus on how to disassemble the counterattack sand making equipment. Counterattack sand making and removing steps: (1) Loosen the wedge iron nut and turn the hexagon socket bolt to move the wedge iron down to the lowest position. At this time, the hammer has been separated from the hammer base by 5 - 10 mm. (2) Remove the stoppers on both ends of the hammer and move the hammer from one end to the other and then hang it down. In addition, the newly installed sand machine (sand blasting machine) plate hammer for the A surface, the 1st, 2 ladder traps are in contact with the plate hammer, wear 60mm, the first time the flip will flip the plate hammer 180 degrees, B face down, the first 1, 2 trapezoidal groove are in contact, after wear 60mm, the second time to replace the plate hammer, the second ladder trap vacant. After 60 mm of wear, the hammer can no longer be used and the new hammer must be replaced.


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