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Ultra-fine grinding machine processing calcite into heavy calcium powder

Calcite is a kind of calcium carbonate mineral. Calcite is a kind of heavy calcium carbonate after milling by ultrafine mill. Heavy calcium carbonate is widely used and profitable. Heavy calcium powder is used for artificial stone and artificial Tiles, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, coatings, plastics, composite new calcium plastics, cables, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass, pharmaceuticals, paints, inks, cables, electrical insulation, food, textiles, feed, adhesives, sealants , Asphalt, building materials, linoleum construction supplies, fireproof ceilings, and household chemicals are used as fillers. The use of heavy calcium carbonate is so extensive, so the rational use of heavy calcium powder is an important part of the process of mining calcite. SBM ultrafine grinding machine can process raw materials to the fineness of micrometers or even nanometers, and it has been obtained in all walks of life. Extensive application, especially the development of heavy calcium carbonate, the fineness of the grinding material can be arbitrarily adjusted between 30-3000 mesh, and the output is arbitrary and arbitrary. SBM Machine Co., Ltd. welcomes you at any time.


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