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How to choose suitable crusher for the ultrafine mill

Every system of ultrafine mill will contain one or several crusher, some are vertical shaft impact crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher, but no matter what types of crusher, you should choose it according to the sand granularity that you need How to choose the crusher type? When you buy the ultrafine mill, you can directly link to Zenith machinery, our technical staff will provide you with detailed configuration. The raw rock material firstly crushed by the high-performance crushing equipment, and then the secondary crushing with different crushers according to the different sizes after the primary crushing, finally get the products that customers want. Jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher are the main crushing equipment’s that needed in ultrafine mill. Jaw crusher and hammer crusher can crush the hard material with large stone granularity, cone crusher and hammer crusher can crush the stone that requires fine product granularity, each of the feeding size less than 300mm and 700mm. After all, to choose what types of crusher is decided by the sand granularity customer needed. Our company’s senior engineers can make the machine by customers’ requirements and choose the equipment scientifically without rework. The machines will not backward within three to five years.


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