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Zenith Machinery Helps You Know More about Ultrafine Mill

Barite can be used as white pigment, and can also applies to chemical industry, paper making and textile padding. In glass production it can act as fluxing agent and increase the brightness of glass. But its main function is to be used as fillers and refine barium in drilling industry. Barite is one of the most common mineral of Barium, whose ingredient is barium sulfate, with Mosh hardness of 3 ~ 3.5, specific gravity of 4.5. ultrafine mill applies to non-flammable and non-explosive substances whose Mosh hardness is less than 7 and humidity below 7%. It can process more than 300 kinds of materials for superfine pulverizing in mining, chemical, construction and other fields. The finished product size can be adjusted within the range from 80 to 325 mesh. ultrafine milladopts ingenious design technique and manufacturing technologies, can effectively crush barite to standard granularity, satisfying the special requirements of various users. The discharging granularity can be adjusted according to different production requirements to produce stones and ores of different specifications. The most important for the development of crusher industry is constant innovation. However, innovation is a soft rib that our country have to face up with. Encouraging innovation, participating in international competition, and creating our own crusher patents and brand is the exactly way we should to go for long-run development. Zenith Machinery has deeply realized this, so in the following years we will continuously improve our crusher technique, invest vigorously in research and development of new-type crushers, to adapt to the rapidly changing market demand.


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