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Extremely Urgent to Realize Ultrafine Mill of Product Technology

As the modern industry develops rapidly, the demand of metal and non-metal ores is increasing following the extending market and the requirement of the crushing and grinding machines is also rising. At present, the annual production of China brittle materials reaches as much as 1.5 billion ton and most of these materials need to be crushed and ground, so the jaw crusher manufacturing is confronted with urgent development and ultrafine mill situation. The ultrafine mill directions of jaw crushers are as follows: 1. Selection of steel Jaw crushers are made of steel materials, so to selecting good quality steel is very important. Wear resistance is the core concern about steel, and the main wearing parts of the jaw crusher are jaw board and guard board. The jaw board is made of high quality high manganese steel alloy and we can adjust carbon steel proportion during the casting process to improve the hardness and resistance of the materials. 2. Structure of jaw crushers When talking about the ultrafine mill of structures of jaw crushers, we mean the ultrafine mill of the entire machine appearance, component appearance and assembly unit. The main case of the jaw crusher can be cast and welded or be connected by the bolt, so that the adaptability of jaw crushers in the field have been greatly improved. The cavity shape can be optimized to change the fracture surface of the toothed plate and to gain more reasonable crushing cavity curve. This will realize the perfect coordination of the feeding and discharging processes. By lowering the hanging height to zero or negative suspension, the horizontal throw at the bottom of the moving jaw will be increased. 3. ultrafine mill of the maintenance system The jaw crusher is called the leading crusher among so many crushing machines because of its strong working capacity, so once the daily maintenance and preservation don catch up, the jaw crusher will suffer serious abrasion and service life shortening. Nowadays the jaw crusher has been armed with circular lubricant passage way and cooling system, which will definitely reduce both the equipment wear and the maintenance cost.


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