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Coal gangue ultrafine mill

Coal gangue is solid waste discharged during coal mining and coal washing. It is a kind of dark gray rock with lower carbon content and harder than coal which is associated with coal seam during coal formation. Including roadway driving in the process of excavation gangue, mining process from the roof, floor and interlayer in the mining of waste rock and coal washing process pick out the gangue. As the main energy source in our country, coal plays an extremely important role in the social and economic development. The development and utilization of coal not only plays a huge role in promoting the social economy, but also has a significant impact on the environment. Coal gangue and coalbed methane are the major wastes generated during coal development and have long been regarded by the coal industry as hazardous and catastrophic gases. Coal gangue is the solid waste discharged during coal mining, mining and washing. Do not dispose of gangue, occupy a large area of ??land. Sulfide in the coal gangue escapes or leaches can pollute the atmosphere, farmland and water. Waste piles will also spontaneous combustion fire, or collapse in the rainy season, silting up rivers and causing disasters. China accumulates more than 1 billion tons of coal gangue and annually discharges 100 million tons of coal gangue. In recent years, coal gangue is no longer regarded as only one of the largest industrial solid waste, but as a resource, it has been widely studied and applied in the fields of chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy and light industry. Coal gangue resources Has become the focus of the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue. For the choice of coal gangue ultrafine mill, Shanghai SBM pointed out: "The selection of good milling equipment is very crucial." In this field of production equipment, the well-known domestic mine crusher, mill research and development and manufacturers Shanghai Keli Rick has 20 years of production experience, its computer technology, network technology and other multi-disciplinary integrated integrated support for economic construction, driven by market demand, the harmonious development of mankind and nature, the step Steady pace, continue to digitize, intelligent, ecological and pleasant direction.


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