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Daily troubleshooting and maintenance skills for construction waste crusher

One, the most common fault: construction waste crusher is running deviation. Point to solve such fault is to keep installation size precision and routine maintenance. There is a variety of reasons for deviation, we should adopt different treatments to the different causes. First, adjust the carrying idlers if belt deviates in central roller position; and make mounting hole on both sides long. Specific adjustment method is move roller group inversely forward with belt deflection, but what should attention is that if belt deviates forward, lower roller group should move to the left, or the upper roller group moves to the right. Second, install self-aligning roller group .There are many types of self-aligning roller group such as intermediate shaft type, four connecting rod type, vertical roll type. Its principle is rotating barrier or the roller in the horizontal direction to resist or produce transverse thrust to impel belt of automatic centripetal movement. Generally, the method is reasonable for conveyor belt of short total length or of bidirectional operation, the reason is that a shorter construction waste crusher is easier-deviation and hard-to-adjust. Or, the self-aligning idlers may influence long belt usage life. Third, adjust cylinders and redirect its position, which is an important link of belt deviation adjustment. Because a construction waste crusher has at least 2 to 5 cylinders, and they must be perpendicular to the center line, or it would cause deviation if the divergence is too large. The adjusting method is similar for roller groups. As for the head drum, a right forward movement is for right deviation, a left forward movement is for left deviation. A tail adjustment method is opposite to the head. In addition, it’s better to accurately install drum before adjustment. Fourth, adjust the tensioning belt. The two upper drum of heavy hammer should be perpendicular to the direction of belt length and the vertical, which namely ensure the shaft center line level. In using spiral tensioning or hydraulic tensioner, two bearing seats of tensioner cylinder shall be translated simultaneously to ensure the cylinder axis is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt. Concrete method is similar to the cylinders.


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