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Ultrafine powder processing after the application of sepiolite

Sepiolite is a fibrous hydrous magnesium silicate, usually white, light gray, light yellow and other colors, opaque and luster. Some of them have the shape of clods, some of them strangely crustous or tuberculate. In the electron microscope you can see that they are gathered together by countless filaments flake. A strange feature of sepiolite is that when they encounter water, they absorb a lot of water and become soft, and once hardened they harden again. According to statistics, up to 130 kinds of uses of sepiolite, become the world's most widely used mineral raw materials. There are many applications, such as in the brewing, chemical molecular sieve, for chemical, sugar, wine, pharmaceutical ion exchangers, cleaning agents, brighteners, ceramic enamel raw materials Environmental Granules detergent and adsorbent Foundry sand bond Silicate high-magnesium refractory special high-temperature coating of high-quality raw materials plastic foam spirit, bleaching agents and so on. Sepiolite powder processing is a very important part of Keli Rick production of professional sepiolite ultrafine mill, is a professional processing of sepiolite, calcite, limestone, and so on the ore material machine, a full set of configuration includes Hammer Crusher, Bucket Elevator, Storage Silo, Vibrating Feeder, Micro Grinding Machine, Frequency Classifier, Double Cyclone Dust Collector, Pulse Dust Removal System, High Pressure Fan, Air Compressor, Electrical Control System. Entire machine energy efficient, environmentally friendly cleaning, wearing parts wear-resistant, safe and reliable


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