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What are the characteristics of China's construction waste?

With the transformation of urban villages throughout the country and the advancement of urbanization, the term construction rubbish has become a hot word in recent years, and construction waste crusher also frequently becomes the hot search word. Construction waste must be familiar to everyone, that is, the construction waste generated after demolition of artificial building structures is generally generated during the construction or repair or demolition of old buildings. The main components of construction waste include demolition garbage and construction waste, of which the main components of the garbage include asphalt, brick, concrete, glass, reinforced concrete, soil, plastic pipe, demonstration, sand, gravel, other organic matter, , Bamboo, cable, block concrete, metal and so on. Many of the components in construction waste can be re-used, so we categorize construction waste directly and without hesitation. In fact, it is a waste of resources. The amount of construction waste in our country accounts for 30% ~ 40% of the total amount of garbage annually in the city. According to the rough statistics on the construction material loss of brick-concrete structures, fully cast-in-place structures and frame structures, In the process, only 500 to 600 tons of construction waste will be generated; 7,000 to 12,000 tons of construction waste will be generated per square meter of demolished old buildings while 40% of the total amount of demolished buildings will be demolished each year in China. The Ministry of Construction has said that by 2020, China will also add 30 billion square meters of construction area, which can be estimated that the total amount of construction waste will be generated close to 1.8 billion tons. The characteristics of China's construction waste in general have the following characteristics. 1, a large number Needless to say, the quantity is large Needless to say, every time a building is demolished, it will produce hundreds of tons or even thousands of tons of construction waste. In recent years, China has demolished countless old buildings and continuously built new projects. The amount of construction waste generated by this project goes without saying. 2, universal Various cities in the country are engaged in construction, the prevalence of construction waste problems. 3, regular Every day, new construction or demolition projects are taking place in our country, generating new construction wastes every day without interruption. 4, polluting The simple storage and landfilling of construction wastes cause serious pollution to cultivated land, vegetation, water sources and environment, and cause secondary pollution to soil, groundwater and rivers. The strategy of sustainable development and environmental protection requirements tell us that the traditional treatment methods for construction waste have become unsuitable for the needs of the current social development. In the current and future development, efforts should be made to improve the utilization rate of construction waste resources. SBM mobile crushing plant to promote the implementation of sustainable development strategy, the construction waste crushing and re-use, making it a reclaimed gravel building materials, recycled brick, green wall materials, improve building waste utilization.


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