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Factors affecting the production efficiency of mobile crusher

Mobile crusher can handle a variety of different stones, and in the process of using different materials for its production efficiency is not the same, then in the process of dealing with the stone which factors will affect the production efficiency of the equipment? 1, the hardness of the material: the harder the material more difficult to make the sand, but also the more serious the wear and tear on the construction waste crusher. 2, the composition of the material: mobile crusher material contained in the more the more the impact of sand production, because these fine powder adhesion easily affect delivery. Therefore, for the material with more powder content should be filtered once in advance, the powder as much as possible from the material screening out. 3, broken fineness of the material: the fineness of the high requirements, that is, the thinner the sand out of the material, the sand production efficiency will be reduced accordingly. 4, the viscosity of the material: the greater the viscosity of the material, the easier adhesion, the crusher will adhere to the inner wall of the sand chamber, if not timely clean-up will affect the work efficiency. 5, the humidity of the material: it is also easy to cause adhesion and thus affect the crushing efficiency. Want to avoid the above factors on the impact of mobile crusher First, when the material selection will have to strictly control the humidity of the material, or the initial treatment.


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