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SBM tells you about Raymond Mill's common problems and solutions

A high-quality Raymond mill production capacity and life and its internal structure of the quality of the inseparable, raymond mill parts quality is also the key to determining the cost of investors, and thus determine the merits of market competition. Therefore, the choice of Raymond Mill accessories or have a certain skill. Here are some common problems for Raymond make some analysis and explain: 1 material viscosity, the greater the viscosity of the material, the easier adhesion. Raymond powder material fineness, fineness requirements, which requires Raymond mill out of the fine material, the smaller the capacity of Raymond mill. 3. The composition of the material, the more powder contained in the material before the Raymond mill, the more impact the Raymond mill powder, because these fine powders easily adhere to affect the delivery. For the content of more than a powder sieve should be advanced. 4. Raymond mill powder Raymond mill (hammerhead, jaw), the better the wear resistance Raymond mill capacity, if not wear-resistant, will affect the Raymond mill capacity. 5. The humidity of the material, that is, the moisture contained in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the Raymond mill and is also easily clogged in the feeding process, resulting in the decrease of Raymond milling capacity. 6. The hardness of the material, the harder the material Raymond mill more difficult, but the more serious wear and tear on the equipment. Raymond mill slow, of course Raymond mill capacity is small.


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