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Ultrafine powder mill leads the fly ash industry to move forward a new direction

As we all know, fly ash is the largest type of industrial waste emissions, accounting for an absolute proportion of all coal-fired byproducts, and with the environmental requirements of various countries around the world, the development of collection technology and the use of a large number of low-grade coal, Ash emissions have been growing very fast. As a leader in the mining industry, SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. has seen the prospect of the utilization of fly ash. SBM experts point out that fly ash has obvious physical and chemical characteristics and is used comprehensively for the utilization of fly ash. Due to the way of fly ash combustion, emissions, different types of coal, furnace type and other factors determine the slight differences in fly ash, but because of this slight difference in the formation of fly ash personality, almost every power plant emissions Fly ash chemical composition is different, and even a power plant at different times and different types of fly ash produced in different furnace are different, and we developed a ultrafine mill to better protect the environment and have Which is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, which can be divided into a fly ash ash, two ash and three ash, the use of reliable structural design, the process, set drying, grinding, powder, upgrade in one , Low noise, less dust, clean operating environment, adapt to environmental requirements. With a series of unique advantages, at present, LM vertical mill produced by SBM machine is widely used in various fly ash comprehensive utilization projects, and also widely used in highway construction, dam construction, and also Can be used as aggregate concrete, not only effectively reduce the environmental pollution, but also re-given the new economic value of fly ash. SBM is a professional non-metallic ore processing, crushing and grinding processing of professional enterprises, the company's crusher in the processing gangue has a unique advantage, while the vertical mill can make fly ash processing, not Then become a problem, fly ash processing equipment and slag processing equipment, a major breakthrough convenience.


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