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Why tower-type sand making machine, tower-type sand making machine advantage

Tower sand making machine, also known as vertical sand making machine, is developed in recent years and the introduction of high efficiency sand production equipment. As the name suggests, sand-type sand making machine is based on the steel structure of the steel structure to the combination of floor-style portfolio, the entire system includes ZS series of high-performance centrifugal impact sand making machine, grading sieving module, stone powder blending module, environmental protection dust collector Modules, centralized control system, is a complete set of dry sand production system. China's concrete consumption is close to 60% of the world's output. As one of the most important raw materials for concrete, the aggregate consumption is huge with an annual output of more than 10 billion tons and an industry scale of more than 500 billion yuan. In recent years, with the acceleration of infrastructure construction such as transportation hub and urban construction, the demand for construction sand and gravel is still increasing. However, over-exploitation of natural gravel led to a shortage of resources and the ecological environment was severely damaged. In addition, the traditional gravel aggregates have small scale, backward equipment, large land occupation, large pollution, low resource utilization and poor quality of sand and gravel, which are inconsistent with the commercial requirements of "sustainable development" and concrete gravel of the country. As a result, SBM Heavy Industries has developed and introduced a high level of floor sand production line based on the flat-type sand making station. HZSL series of efficient and environmentally friendly modular sand making station (station) is developed by our company independent research and development, combined with the needs of domestic and international market development, incorporating the characteristics of floor or station structure, the host uses my company's core products - ZS series Sand machine host and dual drive heavy shaker. HZSL series of environmentally friendly multi-purpose combined sand making station (station) to promote the technology of sand equipment to "high, refined, sharp, intellectual" direction, leading the global sand technology innovation.


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