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Design of crusher crusher plate

Jaw crusher is the most common type of crushing equipment, the advantage of simple, convenient, easy to maintain, in many concentrator are gold ore crusher as the primary roughing equipment. ZENITH equipment has accumulated years of experience in the production of jaw crusher, all parts of the design are fully used advanced materials and protection technology. Jaw crusher crushing plate life is very important to enhance the life of crusher crusher plate from the design, material selection, assembly and use of the process of improvement considerations. The jaw crusher plate surface is usually made toothed, crushing plate peak angle of 90 ° ~ 120 °, the size of the material by the nature of fragmentation and fragmentation, broken bulk materials, the angle to Larger; broken pieces of material, the angle can be smaller. The pitch depends on the size of the product, usually taken equal to the width of the discharge port, tooth height and pitch ratio can be taken as 1/2 to 1/3. Work, the upper and lower parts of the crushing plate wear speed is not the same, the lower part of the wear faster than the upper, crusher plate jaw crusher work, direct contact with the material, to withstand the huge crushing force and the role of friction materials, Broken plate life is directly related to the jaw crusher efficiency and production costs. In the design, the jaws of moving jaws and fixed jaws should be crest to valley. In this way, the crushing of materials in addition to the role of extrusion, there are bending, the material is relatively easy to break. Broken plate material manganese manganese more than 12% better. When installed, the crushing plate must be firmly attached to the jaw, between the two should be padded, between the crushing plate and the jaw to use soft metal for gaskets, and bolted. Jaw crusher work, the broken plate should not be loose phenomenon, or easy to break or wear broken plate, reduce the service life of broken plate.


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