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Guidance on the usage of ultrafine mill

To make the ultrafine mill operate smoothly, we must strictly abide by the operation guidance and maintenance procedures.Before starting the machine, you need to check devices to ensure them can run in order. Check whether the connecting bolt, gears, couplings are tightening; check whether the oil of the oil tank is in adequacy, and whether the lubricating device and instrumentation run normally; check whether there are foreign substance to prevent the machine running; check whether there are abnormal noise from the ring gear and pinion gear case.

When starting ultrafine mill, generally speaking, we start the oil pump of ultrafine mill, when the oil pressure reach1.5 ~ 2.0 kg/?, it is allowed to start the ultrafine mill. And then start the classifier and grinding machine.During the operation, we must always stay focused on the bearing temperature, which shall not exceed 50-60?, and also always pay attention to motors, voltage, current, sound, etc.

When stopping machine, first stop the feeder machine, then stop the ultrafine mill and pump. At last, stop classifier and grinding machine after separating the finished product.


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