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What can be used for the material after the grinding of the ultrafine mill

In nature, many forms of materials can't be directly used. They need to be processed and then become acceptable forms, which can be accepted by industry and used in various production. In the process of this change, the effect of superfine grinding is huge. In the process of processing, the ultrafine grinding mill plays the role of the roller and pulverizing the material. After grinding, the material can be used in many occasions and can be used in many industries.

In many materials, limestone is a very common production material. Its utilization value is very high. In many kinds of paper, it is added as a filler to improve printing performance and whiteness. In the adjustment of the weight of the paper, the effect of the number of fillers is larger. In real life, the most widely used is wrapping paper and Coated Whiteboard packaging paper. It is necessary to use lime stone as the raw material to produce such paper. So, a large amount of limestone powder is needed in the paper mill.

In fact, the paper industry is a large market of calcium carbonate. Every year, the consumption of limestone in this industry is huge. In the paper mill, we need 400 mesh -2000 calcium carbonate powder. However, with the development of technology and society, there will be more and more requirements for the amount and variety of calcium carbonate in the industry. Calcium carbonate is widely used as filler and coating pigment in paper, and its consumption is increasing rapidly. Now, the demand for paper market is developing towards higher gloss and opacity. Higher requirements and stable variation coefficients for calcium carbonate indicators are put forward.

The emergence of ultrafine grinding has been greatly satisfied with the market demand, because the mill product has better performance in grinding operations, so it provides better limestone products for the market.


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