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Correct use of sand making machine

With advanced sand making equipment, but also need to have the correct method of operation, so sand making equipment to better operation, for the stone factory, sand plant customers to create more value. Sand making equipment models vary, different functions, how to make the sand making equipment with perfect, play the best effect? ??Here we SBM sand making machine experts come for you Weapon. Sand making equipment, stone production line, sand production line sand production line core equipment, sand making equipment between the correct cooperation can play a greater advantage. Here we first introduce the correct use of sand making equipment and sand gravel production line between the sand equipment how to cooperate. First of all, sand load during operation, the feed size is not allowed to exceed the maximum allowable size of the equipment, the third generation sand making the maximum feed size of 190mm, the maximum impact size of the sand feed particle size of 60mm, VSI new system Sand machine maximum feed size of 60mm. Second, the normal operating temperature of the sand box bearing box is 40 ? ~ 60 ?, the maximum allowable temperature is 70 ?, half an hour after running, if the temperature exceeds 70 ?, bearing boxes there are some problems, should be shut down for maintenance. In addition, the initial Sanding machine feed, usually about 30 ~ 60s unbalanced process, in this case can not stop feeding, as much as possible to increase the feed until the vibration down. When the feed particles larger, it will produce intermittent vibration after a few seconds back to normal, is a normal situation, without tension. Finally, you should also check the sand machine motor current, if the motor current is too large, the motor overload, should reduce the feed until the current value is normal.


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