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Raymond full set of work process

Large pieces of material crushed by the jaw crusher to the required size, by lifting the raymond mill material will be sent to the storage hopper, and then by the vibration feeder evenly quantitative continuous feeding into the host mill grinding room, after grinding The powder is taken away by the fan airflow. Classification by the analysis machine, in line with the fineness of the powder flow through the air into the cyclone collector, the separation of collection, and then discharged by the powder tube is finished powder. The air flow is then sucked into the blower by the upper return air duct of the large cyclone collector. The entire air flow system is closed loop, and is under positive and negative pressure circulating flow. The above is about Raymond Mill structure and working principle of a detailed introduction, the relevant staff can refer to. Raymond mill before the installation is not to be properly safeguarded, to establish a sound maintenance system to prevent the machine from the sun and rain or rusty water. Raymond mill in the use of the process, requires a fixed staff custody, but also requires the operator has a certain level of technology, but also a detailed understanding of its structure and working principle, and are familiar with the operation of the rules.


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