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Sand making machine operation of the general knowledge

Understand sand making machine, grasp the correct operation of sand making machine, sand making machine (sand making machine) equipment operators required course below we will come to you to explain in detail your sand making machine general operation matters. How to determine whether the sand machine is functioning properly, there are usually two ways. The first method is to check the material out of the mill, if it meets the requirements, and beating little, it proves that the mill is operating properly, the description is more appropriate, the material size, moisture are good, steel grade is also suitable. The second approach is to listen to the sound of sand making machine, one steel bar, the sound should be loud, but there is no steel bar lining plate "steel" sound, should be issued normally "rushing" mixed with a slight impact Sound, such as the sound becomes dull, issued a "roaring" sound, the impact of sound can not hear, indicating the warehouse material too much, serious so-called full grinding phenomenon, then immediately stop feeding until the sound to normal When feeding again. If the sand making machine loud and clear, strong impact of steel bars, indicating less material mill, should increase the feeding. In changing the amount of feeding, should not become too aggressive, should be gradually adjusted.


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