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Construction waste crushing equipment mission and its own performance characteristics

During the continuous development of urbanization, many villages in the cities have been demolished and faced with mountainous accumulation of construction waste. As well as the increase of construction waste has caused a great disturbance to people's life. Today's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger, and people are already aware of the importance of broken construction equipment. Now, according to different topography, as well as the needs of different processing, after many tests and transformation, developed a high efficiency and energy-saving construction waste crusher. The emergence of construction waste crushing equipment to solve the problem of people's environmental pollution, as construction waste disposal equipment manufacturers, we SBM Heavy Industries has always been to green, renewable resources for the development goals, and constantly improve the technical capabilities of equipment, In order to comprehensively solve the environmental pollution caused by construction waste, the wind selection and magnetic separation of construction waste crushing equipment, it is necessary to effectively classify the plastic, light material and steel scrap in construction waste, which is beneficial for recycling . Crushing station mainly includes primary crushing and secondary crushing, belt conveyor and other components, crushing at all levels are by an independent work unit, but also to fulfill their different responsibilities, tape conveyor is responsible for the broken The material in the transfer has been stacked. Construction waste crushing equipment of its own full range of specifications series, the choice of large room to meet the needs of users, with mobility, dust, noise, small footprint and several other features. Construction waste crusher has good performance and excellent quality, which is trustworthy for users and rich in product types, so that construction rubbish can be recycled after being disposed of by crushing equipment, and human resources and Cost issues, reduce construction costs, to achieve the recycling of waste resources.


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