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Portable crushing station short-distance movement notes

Portable crusher plant in a short distance movement must pay attention to the surrounding area is safe, and before moving horn, suggesting that the staff around the machine has a blind area, so when we move the crushing station must pay attention to safety. 1. On the machine's driving direction, try to make a straight forward driving, reversing is generally not see more blind spots, and to ensure the confidentiality of personnel. 2. Turn to use the steering wheel mounted on the dashboard to change direction. As far as possible to avoid a sudden change in direction, the steering principle with cars and low-speed trucks. 3. Park the machine and avoid sudden stops. Give yourself ample space for parking by selecting a flat, solid floor, a safe place and a place where the machine's memory is manipulated. 4. Shut down the engine. Unless the emergency situation, do not suddenly shut down the engine, especially in the engine overheating, do not suddenly shut down the engine, should make the engine running at a moderate speed, gradually cooling, and then shut down. 5. Check the stop of the crushing station and the surrounding environment. Check if the crushing station moves unexpectedly, pay attention to whether the machine is damaged during the moving process, and if any abnormalities are found, handle it in time.


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