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The main components and working principle of the pendulum gold ore crusher

Complex pendulum gold ore crusher mainly by the following major components, which are: rack, moving jaw, eccentric shaft, tooth plate, brackets, elbow, bearings and rod and rod spring. The main working part of the device is two jaws, one is fixed jaw plate we often call the jaw, the jaw vertical (or the top slightly inclined) fixed on the front wall of the body, the other is the movable jaw plate Moving jaw), the jaw plate design position is inclined, and the fixed jaw plate on the formation of large and small crushing chamber, but also the material is broken by the main work area. E-break the tripod of the tripod is fixed against the jaw to do the cycle of reciprocating movement, separate - close - separated. When the moving jaw from the jaw, the broken material into the crushing chamber, has been broken material from the lower part of the discharge; when the moving jaw near the jaw plate, the material in the two jaws between the squeeze was broken Into small pieces of material. The working principle of the gold ore crusher: the upper part of the jaw of the crusher is directly suspended from the eccentric shaft. This part is the connecting rod of the crank connecting rod mechanism, which is driven directly by the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft. The lower jaw of the gold ore crusher Hinge the thrust plate to the rear wall of the frame. When the crusher is started, the eccentric shaft rotation will rotate, and the motion trajectory of the points on the moving jaw of the device is determined by the circular line of the hanging point (the radius is equal to the eccentricity) and then gradually downward to become elliptical, The motion trajectory of the moving jaw shows the more the lower part, the oval is more partial, until the lower part of the connection point with the thrust plate is a circular arc, the movement trajectory of each point to complete a work cycle. Because the crusher in the moving jaw on the points of the movement trajectory is more complex, so called complex swing gold ore crusher.


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