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Raymond Mill electrical control section

Raymond mill internal structure is all the control equipment installed in the control cabinet, the mill are not interlocking, only in the automatic control of the feed and the main motor interlocked by the mill host current And the current change of the fan to control the feeding and stopping of the feeder, the starting and stopping procedures of the milling machine are carried out according to the operation rules of the machine. The control equipment is divided into the main body of the mill, the analyzer and the feeder , The rest of the mill are the general AC induction motor and control. 1. Milling machine host and raymond mill start control When the capacity of the Raymond mill motor is greater than 30kW, the use of the start of the buck, less than 30kW, the use of direct start, that is, 4R, 5R, 6R host and fan with a buck start, the system in addition to 4R fan star star start, the rest Using Yanbian triangle start. Yanbian triangular start and operation of the connection, by the contactor and time relay control lines, automatic transfer, time relay general adjustment delay of about 10s. Yanbin triangular starter motor wiring should be strictly in accordance with the manufacturer to provide Raymond Mill (milling machine) manual requirements, wiring should be carefully checked, the number of wiring, to avoid unnecessary errors caused by electrical and motor damage The 2. Feeder control and automatic feeding set (1) Mill in the mill using electromagnetic vibration feed mode, vibration feeder structure shown in Figure 3-1. The vibrator is a dual-particle oriented forced vibration system. By the tank, the connection fork, armature composition. (2) the entire electric vibration feeder should be free state suspension, the surrounding should have a certain swimming gap, no material and the feeder collision, so as to avoid noise when working. (3) After installation, the screws for positioning the connection fork and the check should be released (three on the vibrator section, one below), and the locking nut is tightened after loosening. (4) open the vibrator back cover, check the core and armature gas drop is in the 1.8-2.1mm range, whether parallel and clean, and check all the screws loose phenomenon, especially the core and armature plate and plate Spring screw, all the normal back cover. (5) power on the no-load test, adjust the potentiometer, gradually increase from small to slow, adjust the amplitude, observe the amplitude and current changes, the amplitude of 1.75mm, 7%, current 0.6-2.5A, continuous work 1h or more See the amplitude and current is stable, the various parts of the screw loosening phenomenon. (6) in all normal circumstances, open the silo gate for material delivery, again observe the amplitude (open the silo column amplitude is allowed to drop 0.5mm, such as the drop should be measured according to the vibration of the feeder instructions Adjust the elastic system) and whether the rice is stable, to meet the requirements of the feed. If the amplitude and current are in the rated value, if the feed volume has not been able to meet the requirements, the vibrator can be hoisted into a downward inclination to meet the feed requirements, but the maximum inclination (tank and horizontal angle) No more than 200.


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