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Brief introduction to the future development of sand making machine

With the development of society and scientific progress, economic construction of industrial automation requirements are getting higher and higher, the operation of technology and sand making machine have put forward new requirements, sand making machine in the national economy has played a huge role in the field The Sander competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and highly automated, intelligent, multi-functional, high efficiency, low consumption of mining equipment is also increasingly favored by the industry. In the case of In recent years, Shanghai SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. compared to the traditional sand making machine to produce a new type of sand in the performance of a simple, high productivity, better supporting, more automation and so on. The future of the sand machine will be with the industry automation trends, to promote the overall level of mine equipment to improve. Such as high intelligent CNC system, encoder and digital control components, power load control and other new intelligent equipment has been widely used in sand making equipment, equipment users in the operation process more independent, flexible, correct operation, High efficiency and compatibility. In the case of It is understood that the current foreign mines and sand scouring machine high level of the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. While the German sand making machine in the design, manufacture and technical performance, etc. are living in a leading position. In recent years, the development of mines and sand making equipment in these countries has shown a new trend. In the case of New type of sanding machine can be further because of the crushing of materials, but also known as the impact crusher, a new type of sand is not a professional commitment to crushing, jaw crusher is a professional rough material, broken material after the new Sand or high-performance sand making machine for further crushing, and finally made of finished products.


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